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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  July 12, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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at pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪ good morning, july 12th, 2010. eyewitness news has weather and traffic together. we'll begin with marty. 6:00, good morning, gigi. sharon, with you in a second. we'll look at the day part.
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we're shy of 70 degrees now. 86 at lunch and on the way to a high temperature of 92. 88 this evening and we'll throw in a chance of spotty showers around the region around dinner time. as the sun comes up, more cars will, too. sharon gibala in wjz traffic control. still, no delays and we have a new accident. that's in anne arundel county, it's on fort smallwood road, meantime, if you're traveling in rundalestown, five engines on the scene there at a shopping center. there's the drive times and the speeds on the beltway. still, no delays on the top or the westside of the beltway. there's a live look at the beltway. no problems at the westside on 95 or the liberty beltway. remember, wjz-13 is always on, for traffic information any time, go to thank you, sharon.
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here's what people will be talking about today. another promise from bp, this time about a new containment cap. here's a live look now, the company's been working throughout the night to get the cap in place. and tara mergener has the latest from wjz-13 from washington. >> reporter: oil is gushing unchecked from the well while the engineers try to contain the crude. other the weekend -- over the weekend, the old cap was removed and bp hopes to get the new cap on the well by the end of the week. >> this whole process could take another three to five, six days. >> reporter: even if they're successful, it's not a permanent fix. they're counting on two relief wells to stop the leak for good. >> reporter: the white house is pressuring bp to move fast while the weather good.
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the bomb obama administration is confident. >> we think there's a good chance this is going to provide the relief we need. >> reporter: several have heard the promises before and say they'll believe this when they see it. several sported antibp shirts at the jimmy buffet concert in the gulf coast. >> it's good for the area and it's giving a shot to the economy. >> reporter: he changed the lyrics for the occasion. ♪ but i know, it's all bp's fault ♪ >> reporter: alabama's governor says they'll use some of the money they've gotten from bp to stage more concerts to bring tourists to the beach. that jimmy buffet concert was for july 1st, but because
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of hurricane alex, it was postponed. back here, scary moments as a fire breaks out at a lumber company. it quickly grew to two alarm. >> we had an early collapse of the building. immediately, the on seen safety officer determined we had a threatened structure, we had mapper collapses and when that happened, we pulled all of the personnel out. >> reporter: there's a double shooting in one of the neighborhoods in baltimore mr. foreman two 39-year-olds were shot. one is in critical condition and the other suffered wounds to his leg and arm. it's shootings like that that brings unimaginable pain to local families, especially
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when the killer is never caught. wjz-13 and andrea fujii are live to report, she's not alone. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. this young man's mother remembers the late night call from the police telling her that her son was shot and killed. she and others rally for justice. >> reporter: it was two years ago tomorrow when people gathered inside this fire haul for a concert. among them, this 22-year-old. as the gathering ended, someone shot him. >> it's the worst pain in the world. it really is. it's a poison in the system. our lives won't be the same again. >> reporter: she's frustrated her son's killer still isn't found and she's not alone. she was joined by dozens of others with similar stories. >> my sun is germane.
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he was kidnapped and we had prayers for him, they still killed him. >> this is my son. >> reporter: her son and grandson were both murdered. >> sometimes, i cannen reading the paper and tears run down. >> reporter: it's stories like these that inspire her to hold the stop the violence memorial. it encourages people to stand up to the crime. >> the violence has to stop. we've come together to show that even though they're gone and they may have been gone many years now, they're not forgotten. they never will be. >> daphene says that the police are still pursuing some leads in the murder case. there's also been a cash reward offered for information. if you have leads for the
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police, call crime solvers. and just hours ago, u.s. secretary of condemned bombings in uganda that left 64 dead including one american. the u.s. will work with the government to bring the suspects to justice. the police say that an al-queda link could be behind the attack. >> as for the world cup game itself, spain won over the netherlands. this the winning cup. today's spain's king and prime minister will welcome the team back home and after spain picked up the win, more than 300,000 soccer fans celebrated in madrid. fireworks exploded when the team returned home today. today, there will be an open top parade followed by a huge party.
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>> after more than a half century in the baseball the wiz, the man known as the voice of god has passed away. welcome to yankee stadium. >> reporter: bob shepherd earned his nickname for introducing several stars. the public announcer died yesterday. he was 99 years old and he started with the yankees in 1951. for the first time since 1995, the orioles win their first game road sweep. they started out trailing 1-0. paterson hit a two run double and the orioles win this one 4- 1. thousands gathered on easter island to see a rare site. the skies darkened for four
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minutes during a total ellipse in the sun. the spectators wore the special viewing glasses to see the eclipse. there won't be anything like this for another 3 1/2 years. >> go ahead -- >> no, no -- >> go ahead. >> well, well, take two, and three, two, one. nice eclipse. >> we in baltimore, we can [no audio] >> my throughouts are going to rex barney. for year, he was the voice of the baltimore orioles. who, upon every foul ball caught by a fan in the stands would announce, give that fan a contract. you getless to the pub -- you
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get close to the public announcers. i was, i was just checking something here. it's been announced by mlb that the all-star game tomorrow night, the yankee short stop, number 2, derek jeter will be announced by bob shepherd. he asked him to record his introduction years ago when he said he would retire. there's derek jeter's page. now batting, the yankee's short stop, derek jeter, long pause and then jeter. they'll play that in honor of bob shepherd as he comes up to the plate. give bob shepherd a huge round of [ applause ] and say a prayer for rex barney.
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and taking a look at the day part. we're seeing a decent amount of sunshine. partly cloudy skies later on. we have a chance for thundershowers entering the picture about dinner time. we'll have a high temperature after the lunchtime at 68-92. 66-degrees is the current temperature around. 88 at dinner and tomorrow, we'll have showers in the area. let's send it to the reason sterno. sterno-- ronster now. i wish i had a recording of them. you put it so well. i've been fortunate to be at memorial stadium and camden yards to hear rex barney and traveled a few times to hear the great bob shepherd. two great ones. >> let me tell you something, and i have to be honest, i
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don't know the oriole's public announcer's name now. i'm remisat that. it's certainly someone who works his heart out for the fans. and gigi. >> hi! >> what up, g? >> welcome to manic monday. >> thank you. >> we have a great crowd, it's going to be terrific. going tohevuvuzelas are silence not manic monday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, it's humid this morning. it's a bit steamy.
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74 d.c. and 76 pax river and 71 at the ocean. and on with 70 in columbia. 72 in news -- on annapolis and kent island. and the weather will be getting convoluted. and this is a dip in the jet stream out to the west. it's going to take it a while to resolve itself and get into the area or just lose this. and the fact of the matter is, tonight and through wednesday afternoon, we'll keep it cloudy and a chance of showers. otherwise, it's great and on the cool side. we have a few inches of rain that we need. by wednesday, we'll clear out. 92 today. just a chance of a thundershower this afternoon and evening. by tonight, a better chance of 70 as the low. tomorrow, maybe a heavier
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thunderstorm. and a highier of volume of rain. 84 is the high and look at that. we'll start to clear the skies out wednesday and we'll jump it back to 92. we'll lose the umbrella effect of the clouds late in the day. thursday, friday, saturday with sunshine and 93 and 94 degrees. all right, let's check in with sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. hi, there, gigi, good morning, everyone. not too many problems, just one in anne arundel county. you'll want to watch out for branch smallwood road and there's an accident in rundalestown and liberty road. there's five engines on the scene. still, no delays on the top or the west side. 95 running smoothly. sun glare could be a actor soon
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-- could be a factor soon. now, it's time for manic monday. ♪ it's another manic monday ♪ now, ladies and gentlemen, the ronster, ron matz. this is a rather lively group this day. we've been watching. >> yes, in deed, marty and everyone. this is the social security administration! [ cheers and applause ] we'll get to the manic monday in a second. we want to mention, this saturday night, columbus gardens, perry hall, there's a big bull roast for the katie and will foundation, you saw the story about a year and a half ago, it was a very bad accident on the bel air bypass and katie, brady and her son died in the accident and steve
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brady survived and they're building a family friendly bike trail and it's the bull roast. go to their website for more. please help them out. also, we've had e-mails for requests for manic monday. i'm trying to get to everyone. i'm behind. the manic monday staff is overloaded right now. we're doing our best. here's wendy. good morning. good mornings, hi, gigi and hi, marty. >> they were down here early this morning. >> you're from the field offices. right? >> we make up the several areas around here and glen burnie.
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>> we know the offices are busy and we wanted to tell everyone about the online offices. it's open for business seven- days a week. if you want to file your retirement and disability, do it online and if you want to change your address, do it all on the website. it's clean, safe and secure. and you have patty duke and chubby checker on there. >> guess who's about ready to twist for his social security. >> alan, come over.
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how are you doing? >> i'm quite well. >> and wendy is alan's better half. >> i have to get this. i'm a little bit confused this morning. >> hey, ron, are you spinning on the 27th. >> yeah, right there. i'm spinning and he's going to have the broom out. >> come here, luther. >> maestro, the music if you please. all right, here we go. manic monday, coming your way with the social security administration. social security. stand by. [social security administration
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singing manic monday] >> oh, that was huge, man, that was great. i'm not a big fan of changing
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the words to the song, but that worked. that was fantastic. >> yes, it was. you may have a contender here. >> ladies and gentlemen, oh, we have hats. oh, we love the mouse pads. thank you. we appreciate it. you hold these and we'll invite you back to the manic monday meltdown in november. all right, guys, we have to run, have a great day, it's a manic monday in fell's point, see ya. >> we'll take a break and come back with more of the eyewitness news morning edition. ♪ storyteller: the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system
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>> crossing borders and helping a celebration. charm city cakes takes a road trip. >> if you're just about too head out, not too many problems. >> we'll tell you about it, straight ahead. and coming up, rick dempsey is
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here with us. number one entires may and -- number one on the resume. we'll call the team the best team on paper in more than a decade, find out and why he's pumped of. the morning edition continues after this. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪
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that's a glorious morning popping up. good morning, let's check with the weather. we have weather and traffic together. we'll begin with marty and the updated numbers. well, it's a calm morning and a humid one. temperatures almost at 70. we'll stay 66 and 70 around the area. we have a sunny day start. we'll have shade clouds mixing in and by the evening, we'll mention a chance of a spotty thundershower around. and 86 at lunch and going to a high of 92. gigi, take it away. let's go over to traffic
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now. hi, gigi, not much to talk about on the roads. that's a good thing for the morning drivers. just one accident, you'll want to watch for that on brandon shore's road. that's at, sorry, i'm having a hard time reading my handwriting. meantime, as far as other issues. that earlier fire activity, not causing fire issues. there's a live look at 95. sun glare is a factor on 95 and mountain road. there's a look at 70 on the beltway, the sun glare could be a factor there. this is brought to you by toyota. at the top of the news this half hour, rallying for justice and rushing for peace. tomorrow, a harford county family will mark a grim milestone.
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>> good morning, gigi and good morning, everyone. she's on a crusade to stop the violence. >> it was two years ago tomorrow when people gathered inside the joppa fire haul for a concern set. as the gathering ended, someone shot him. it's the worst pain in the world. it's a poison in the system. our lives will never be the same again. she's frustrated her son's killer hasn't been found. >> my son was kidnapped. we had prayered around, he still killed him. >> her son was murdered in the
6:33 am
70s and her son was murdered in the 90s. >> sometimes, i can be doing anything and tears run down. >> stories like these encourage people to stand up to crime in the neighborhood and to give the police information when they have it. >> the violence has got to stop. we've come together to show that even though they gone -- >> in his case, so far, no arrests. thank you, andrea. >> and a cash reward still stands. if you have information, call the crimestoppers. and an investigation continues in baltimore city two
6:34 am
days after a police officer found a woman shot to death in her car. she was pronounced dead at the scene. and a political fire storm is shaping up, pitting businesses against the got. and adam may explains. >> reporter: 16 years ago, baltimore city passed the living wage look. now, there's an effort that could expand to private businesses. >> we're in the process of replacing the old manufacturing jobs and getting decent paying jobs for the people of the city. >> reporter: her bill is aimed at target and wal-mart and businesses that gross more than $10 million a year would have to pay $10.57 an hour.
6:35 am
>> this could cost this man's business $300,000 a year. >> this is probably one of the most unfair and obnoxious bills that the city council has come up with in a long time. >> and this con sell woman -- counsel woman says they could reduce this by two dollars. >> this is the perfect time to introduce the living wage as part of the policy for the big boxes. >> you can bet that a lot of people have issues and a hearing is scheduled for july 22nd.
6:36 am
also, toxins are unwilling un-- are running into the river and creek here. from this steel plant. bp could be looking to sell assets in alaska. bp is looking at selling $12 billion worth to pay for the cost of the gulf coast caster. exxon mobile is considering taking over bp. the stock fell 44% since late april. here's another look at the scene. bp's been working throughout the night. and bp says it will eventually capture all of the leaking oil.
6:37 am
roads are blocked by debris and it could take 20 years to remove all of the it. 300,000 were injured during the earthquake and the un estimates 1.29 are living in camp. it took one goal for spain to become the world champions. >> he's off sides! >> that goal came in extra time and what was hard fought, spain's dominance is in place and they're also the ranking champions. one of three nations to hold the titles at the same time. and history made for the baltimore orioles. they've just finished their four game road sweep since 1995. cory patterson is a reason why, hitting the dub and breaking a
6:38 am
1-1 tie. they backed up the effort to a stellar play in the field. it's a good way to end the play. they win this one, 4-1. and the baltimore based staff, charm city cakes honored hampton, virginia's celebration. it's the oldest english speaking celebration and of course, all that attended were treated to a piece of cake, that was that beautiful art work. >> got to love that. >> how many hours does that take. >> do you ever watch "ace of cakes? " >> yeah, but how many hours and you eat it in two seconds. >> i would be so tense on a delivery. it would roll like any other
6:39 am
cake. >> you ever met duff? >> no, i haven't. >> they for started it as being a musician and you have to fund your jones for the equipment and the musician and cakes funded the music. there's a great back story. >> music and cakes. >> all right, coming up on coffee with. the all-star game is coming up. we'll talk about how they left the team on the road. 1983 broadcaster. and this is the greatest pitcher of all time. what's the problem. well, we'll talk about that and we'll hang with rick. it's more than a baseball talk. we'll hang with him, coming up on coffee with. sharon gibala has wjz traffic control. and we'll have the first warning details and more,
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48% humidity. we'll see some of this. 67 westminster and 68 columbia and 72 annapolis and rock hall up to 73. 73 on kent island and the district, 74. it's an easy day and out to the west, we have a dip in the jet stream, we'll have the possibility of thundershowers late in the afternoon. we'll have a better chance around bedtime. tomorrow, it looks to be a better day. not unlike saturday. it will square itself away by late wednesday and we'll get back to it. it being sunshine and temperatures in the 90s. today, 92 degrees is the high. a chance of a spotty
6:44 am
thunderstorm later. much better reality of a spotty thunderstorm around bedtime. 84 degrees and showers and heavier thunderstorms, we're not talking severe. just a heavier amount of rain. and maybe some limited sun and humid. 84 degrees is the high and boom, sun wednesday and back up to 92 and thursday, friday, and saturday, 93, 93, 94 degrees. gigi, take it away. >> and thank you, marty, sharon gibala is in wjz traffic control. >> hi, there, gigi. i haven't had much to do, i'm sure that's fine with the drivers. there are not many problems out there. we have an accident at curtis bay and some fire activity at this shopping center not competing with traffic. you may have to tap your brakes on 895 and that's down to 33 miles per hour in one spot. and the traffic on the beltway at full speed.
6:45 am
and that's a look at 95 and mountain road. and this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward. all right, thank you. >> and this morning's coffee with. well welcome, rick dempsey, we're reliving the 1983 world series. become a friend of rick's on facebook. we were looking at the picture. you're the 1983 mvp. yeah, i won a car. and i was lucky to get the mvp and i received a trans am. it was to fast, it scared me, i gave it to my son, but i drove
6:46 am
it a lot, too. >> and that was the oriole orange. >> did he get orange. well, that's red, not orange. well, never let the facts get in the way of a good story. >> by the way, we'll go to and we'll have a web extra with rick. we're at the all star break. here's my question. right to the point. can these guys not lose another game. >> well, there's a lot of young guys out there struggling for answers. they're kind of treading against the water right now. and really, not knowing what to expect. i think they can put on the serge and keep from losing the 100. there's more talent out there
6:47 am
now and i really think that, you know, with the injuries and the way things started off this season and winning two games out of the first 18, that kind of indecision got into their minds. they're not confident right now. you see a lot of indecision in the way they play. everyone converges and no one knows who's going to take it and little things that add up and give the opposition more. you're looking at the ball clubs, too that played against detroit last week. oh, my gosh, when you get up against the teams that are solid like that, these guys can't make a mistake. you don't know how to set up the hitters and go through the process of learning how to evaluate the hitters and evaluating the pitchers and there's a lot of guessing going on. i think they could stay away
6:48 am
from a hundred and turn it around quickly. the last time you were here, you went by position and you said the same thing. you said, this is the best team in over a decade. we don't want to misconstrue that. >> they clearly have mokes -- moxy. >> well, you can see what they're capable of doing and you go back to last year, finishing second. that's the tough thing to do. that's the tough thing, they're not doing that this year, but they're capable of it. once they get that confidence, anything can happen with this team. everyone has to come together at the same time.
6:49 am
you talk about the stand out now. they give the guys stability and you pitch to them and take chances or pitch around them in the order to back them up. you have to be careful. the orioles don't have that now. >> well, we'll continue this online. you know what we're looking for as a fan. give me the goal, it's not to lose a hundred. we'll get behind the guys and route them on. hey, real quick. you're doing a cruise. i swear, i would do this. enchantment of the seas.
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yeah, that ship is to die for. we'll have little autograph sessions and the q and a's and having dinner and as the time goes by. we'll get a little band together, also. that will be fun. >> and we'll have a golf tournament. >> i have to have that. >> you got out of baseball too early. you know the winner gets his own cruise ship these days. >> yeah, it's in the big contract. >> and join us online at we'll talk a little bit more o's and we have first warning weather and traffic and more. as the morning edition continues right after this. 3q fact: life today calls for more than an ordinary wipe.
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>> we're on this mosaic scan and sure enough, we have a little bit of showers. it doesn't blend out of the mountains at all. it should be noticed and we'll see a little bit of showers your way. and we'll take a look at the forecast today. sunny to partly cloudy skies and a high of 92. tonight, a better chance of thunderstorms and maybe with a capital m.
6:54 am
like saturday, showers and thundershowers and maybe a few peaks of sun. and temperature in the mid-80s. hi, sharon. good morning, everyone. still, one accident out there in anne arundel county. fort small wood and brandon shores road. and liberty road. 95 southbound, a little bit slow. and the beltway, still, delay free and there's a live look outside at 95 and south of the betway -- beltway and there's mountain road and one more look on the westside of the beltway. this is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you've suffered an injury, call for more. >> back to you, gigi. thank you, gigi. a harford county woman turns her pain into activism. two years ago tomorrow, her son
6:55 am
was killed at a joppa party. she's held stop the violence ceremonies every year since herson's death. and an investigation continues in baltimore city right now. two days after the police found a woman shot to death inside her car. it was parked at west 22nd street. the medics pronounced the woman dead on the scene. this morning, the city police are investigating a double shooting. and two 33-year-old men were shot in the vehicle 2:00 sunday morning. one of the victims is in critical condition. there's no word on the motive or suspects. also, we're learning more about a lawsuit filed against the steal plant. toxins are running into the river and the creek from the
6:56 am
facilities and the owners aren't doing enough to clean up the pollution. highier education is the key focus for the coming months. the national governor's association has started complete to compete. it's to unite governors with highier education. and for the first time since 1995, the orioles win their first four game road sweep. they started off the inning and respond with -- he hit a two run double off of wilson. the orioles win this 4-1. stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station. complete news, weather and traffic still ahead. and why are hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil still spewing in the gulf.
6:57 am
also, the latest on the terror bombings in you began a. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, look at you.
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